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To access the Laws of New York please click on the following link and select ABC from the menu.

Consolidated Laws

Article 1 – Short Title; definitions. (Sections 1-3)

Article 2 – Liquor Authority. (Sections 10-19)

Article 4 – Special Provisions relating to Beer. (Sections 50-57-a)

Article 4-A – Special Provisions relating to cider. (Sections 58-59)

Article 5 – Special Provisions relating to liquor. (Sections 60-67)

Article 6 – Special Provisions relating to wine. (Sections 75-85)

Article 7 – Special permits. (Sections 90-99-g)

Article 8 – General provisions. (Sections 100-130)

Article 9 – Local option. (Sections. 140-147)

Article 10 – Special provisions. (Sections 150-155)

Article 11 – Miscellaneous provisions.  (Sections 160-164)

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